35 Years Hells Canyon

About Us

We are proud to belong to the small, but elite group of people who have operated in Hells Canyon for more than 40 years!

George Hauptman

Canyon Outfitters was founded by George Hauptman in 1980. After years (and years) of college, George discovered that a career in architecture wasn’t for him following his first float down the Rogue River. Around that same time he won his first drift boat in a trapshoot competition. His fate was sealed. Since then George he has fished and floated tens of thousands of river miles in the Pacific Northwest during his 40-plus year guiding career. A conservative estimate of 950 multi-day river trips in Hells Canyon makes George the most experienced guide and outfitter in Hells Canyon.

Having guided in Hells Canyon during the latter part of the seventies and the eighties, George became well aquainted with the last of the 'old-timers' that ranched in the canyon. He has guided dozens of trips with Hells Canyon geologists, archeologists and other experts making him Canyon Outfitters very own Hells Canyon expert!

Lynette Hauptman

A year’s sabbatical and the impulse purchase of an ‘around-the-world’ plane ticket back in 1986 was what bought Lynette from her native homeland of Australia to the Pacific Northwest. A chance meeting with river guide George on the Rogue River later that same year sealed the new Canyon Outfitters partnership…and the rest is history.

Thirty-three years later and still operating out of their combination home and company headquarters in Halfway, Oregon, it's hard not to use pun about there having been 'lots of water under the bridge', and the other favorite, it's been a 'hellava ride.'

Neither would trade it for anything.