35 Years Hells Canyon


Memories of camping with Mom and Dad in the rain over Memorial Day weekend deter a lot of folks from ever wanting to venture out overnight again.  Maybe this is just as well.  It keeps the wilderness what it is: wild and free from overcrowding.  So here is a secret we can keep to ourselves: camping does not have to be uncomfortable!  We spend the better part of half of each year living outdoors--and we value our comfort.

We provide the items necessary to live outside in style.  Your Eureka 9' x 11' base-camp tent is equipped with twin-size cots and thick self-inflating pads.  We often hear our guests comment that they sleep better here than at home!

Meals are a big part of what we do and we know that lingering over that last cup of coffee at breakfast or savoring an after-dinner cognac is part of what vacations are all about.  At Canyon Outfitters we have it covered with large tables, comfortable chairs, china, and wine glasses.  Forget about meals balancing on a paper plate while you try to balance yourself on a rock!

Getting the gear to camp
We carry two huge rain/shade flies. They provide shade over the lunch table, if necessary, and are light, airy, and waterproof in bad weather. We have a large wall tent designed to be easily and quickly erected and dismantled so we can eat inside in case of inclement weather; we carry it on all of our early- and late-season trips.

Hot showers available at every camp, our own sanitized toilets and hand wash facilities, there is a fabulous view whichever way you look: we have created the ultimate in camping!