35 Years Hells Canyon

Chukar Hunting

We operate fall fishing and hunting trips from mid-September into November. Steelhead start arriving in the river when the bird season opens, offering the opportunity for a great combination trip.

At over 8,000 feet deep, Hells Canyon is home to a large chukar population.  Our hunting trips begin at Hells Canyon dam and we offer the option of four or five days on the river, taking out at Pittsburg Landing 32 miles downstream.  We hunt the canyon by dropping our hunters off to walk the trails and benches while we follow in drift boats.  A guest can opt to hunt all day, fish all day, or enjoy a combination of both.

We use our custom-designed 20-foot drift boats for the fall trips and with their water-tight compartments, your firearms are safe and dry no matter what the weather dishes out.  These roomy boats offer a stable platform and have ample space for two guests to fish.

A large wall tent provides comfortable dining each evening and chairs around a roaring campfire set the scene for stories shared. We supply Eureka Base Camp tents, cots, pads and hot showers: everything necessary for a great fall trip.

Please see our rates and dates page for information on our Chukar and Fishing trips.