35 Years Hells Canyon


Our gear is the best available. We've had more than 35 years to figure out what really works and what doesn't.

Our 20 foot drift boats were custom designed and built just for us. These Cadillac of river craft, with comfortable padded seating, provide stability for serious fishing and water tight compartments to store firearms for our fall chukar hunts. During the spring and summer trips they provide the fun roller coaster ride through the rapids.

We have been using 18 foot Rogue Inflatable Rafts ever since we began running river trips back in the '80's and still think they are the best available.

A fleet of inflatable 1 and 2 person kayaks add extra excitement for the more adventurous of our passengers.

Our 22 foot baggage boat and two crewmen transport our camp from one site to the next each day.

Coast guard approved type 5 lifejackets are supplied for all adults and children.

We take the camping side of things seriously, and dining is always a special event. We have a custom built kitchen that produces an amazing array of food at every meal. Dining tables, chairs and a cocktail table are all waiting for you in camp each day.

A really good night’s sleep is important! With this in mind, we have added twin sized cots & inflatable pads set up in roomy 9 x 11 Eureka Base Camp tents for two.

We carry our own design shower set-up and of course, our own sanitized toilets and hand wash facility.

Each guide carries a good selection of quality fishing gear and tackle to fish for everything from a catfish to a 10 foot sturgeon.