35 Years Hells Canyon


Q: How many miles do we float on a 4 day river trip?

A: Pittsburg Landing is 32 miles; Dug Bar is 50 miles.

Q: Do we row our own boats?

 A: Not unless you really want to! Our boats are all guided, we carry 4 guests in each raft. On a fishing trip 2 guests are in each drift boat. We have inflatable kyaks that you can paddle yourself or we can bring a paddle raft for a group to navigate with a guide at the stearn.

Q: Are there bugs and snakes?

A: We see the occasional bull snake or rattlesnake. Neither of which are aggressive if left alone. There are no mosquitoes in Hells Canyon.

Q: Do you cater to special diets?

A: Yes, with advance notice, we can arrange meals for any type of diet.

Q: What are the toilets facilities like?

A: We carry our own sanitized toilets that are set up in a discreet location close to camp each night.

Q: How many hours per day are we in the boats?

A: We are usually on the water by 10 o'clock each morning and arrive in camp at around 4.30 in the afternoon. During the day we stop to visit abandoned homesteads & pictograph sites. There is always time during the day for hiking, swimming and fishing.

Q: What types of fish will we catch?

A: The fishing is great for catfish, trout, smallmouth bass and steelhead in season. We also fish for sturgeon and regularly catch fish up to 9 feet in length.

Q: Can we eat the fish we catch?

A: Absolutely! Each day we keep enough of the fish caught that morning to BBQ at our lunch stop. Sturgeon is catch and release only.

Q: What type of boats do you use?

A: Custom built 20 foot Aluminum drift boats. 18 foot inflatable rafts and self-bailing kayaks.

Q: Do you supply tents?

A: Yes, our tents are roomy, 9x11 A-frame style and tall enough to stand upright. Your tent is outfitted with cots and sleeping pads for two and are set up and waiting for your arrival in camp each afternoon.

Q: How would you handle a medical emergency?

A: Our crew are trained in first aid and CPR and wilderness rescue. We carry a satellite phone on all trips. We can speak directly with an emergency room physician to evaluate a situation and, if deemed necessary, would call in a life flight helicopter.

Q: Can I bring a musical instrument?

A: Yes please! We have a variety of sizes of dry bags, so unless we’re talking about a grand piano, we can probably accommodate your instrument of choice. Call us.

Q: Should we tip the guides?

A: Gratuities for guides are appropriate, greatly appreciated and at your discretion.  A suggested per-person guideline is around 10% of the total trip price. Naturally they appreciate anything they receive and all tips are pooled and divided equally amongst the crew.

Q: What about tipping the massage therapists on the Massage and Martini trips?

A: Again tipping is at your discretion. We suggest that you treat the situation as you would any other massage session.