35 Years Hells Canyon

Fine Dining

Unless you have been on a float trip with Canyon Outfitters, it is hard to imagine just how good camp cooking can be. You will marvel as your river guides are transformed into accomplished chefs.

Working only with skillets, ice chests, and dutch-ovens, they will serve up some of the best meals you've ever tasted.

Breakfasts on the river are never found lacking.  Each morning we serve up a hearty, country-style meal. Starting with early morning tea and freshly brewed coffee, then a daily variety of Lynette's free-range eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and french toast, and plenty of fresh fruit and juice is served.

This will carry you until lunch, when a smorgasbord-style sandwich and salad spread is usually accompanied by the fish you've caught that morning.  Topped off with home-made goodies such as Lynette's famous carrot cake and the incomparable river-cheesecake, you'll welcome the afternoon's relaxing aboard your raft while the guide does all the work.

Our dinners are exceptional, featuring thick, juicy New York steaks, shrimp, fried chicken and river-made breads, along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. George's fried chicken and fettuccine alfredo and our giant stir-fry are just a few of our most requested dishes. For the fish lovers, Art can come up with new and fabulous ways to cook your freshly caught trout, bass, and catfish at every meal. We bake deserts and breads in dutch-ovens each night and if this isn't enough, by the time the bowl of homemade ice cream hits the table, you'll wonder where your guides have been hiding all this delicious fresh food.

During the show of the evening meal being prepared, you can unwind at the campsite or join your fellow guests around the cocktail table while you enjoy your beverage of choice and our hors d'oeuvres.

The experience of sitting at an elegant dining table with your fellow travelers enjoying a leisurely meal with Hells Canyon as a backdrop is unforgettable. Once the lanterns are lit and an after-dinner cognac is poured the camaraderie extends to the magic of storytelling around the table.  With a million stars all around and the sound of the river, this timeless form of communication nourishes the soul.

Of course we cater to all dietary requests and special diets; call to discuss options.