35 Years Hells Canyon

What's Included

Canyon Outfitters trips are designed to fit your needs, yet exceed your expectations.

More than 35 years of safely outfitting river trips through Hells Canyon has given us the experience to make your vacation exciting and memorable!

Your vacation actually begins the day you arrive in Halfway. 25 years ago we began the tradition of inviting our river guests to join us and our crew at our headquarters for dinner the night before we launch on the river. This tradition has endured and become an intrical part of a Canyon Outfitters river trip. The opportunity to greet old friends and set new ones off on the river trip of their lives is something that we all look forward to.

After dinner on our lovely deck, you'll receive a brief instruction on fitting of lifejackets, packing of bags and an overview of what to expect for the next four days on the river, then we send you off to your home for the night, for a good nights' sleep before the real adventure begins!
Next morning we’ll meet you at the launch site, a 40 minute drive away at Hells Canyon Dam. Boats will be in the water and loaded, guides standing by ready to help you into your lifejacket and then we're off. Now you're really on holidays!