35 Years Hells Canyon

How To Pack

By its very nature, a raft trip means getting wet. Most of the time it feels great to get splashed, however, on cool mornings or during a change in weather, carrying the right gear will help you stay warm and dry. If it should cool down or rain, you need to have an adequate rain suit and something warm under it. Technology has provided us with incredible fabrics that, if used properly, will keep a person dry and warm under any conditions. Polypropylene and similar fabrics are very light and will keep you warm even when Wild Sheep or Granite rapids are especially rambunctious.

Understanding what weather to expect in Hells Canyon will help you pack. For example summer temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees at night, making a heavy sleeping bag unnecessary, most lightweight bags are more than adequate.

Always prepare for warm to hot weather in the canyon by bringing three essential items: Sun screen, a large sun hat and, if your skin is sun sensitive, some light colored, loose fitting clothing.


•        Personal toiletries
•        Towel 
•        Chapstick
•        Sunscreen
•        Sunglasses with a strap
•        Hat with a brim
•        Shirts (at least one with long sleeves)
•        Shorts / Swimsuits
•        Long pants
•        Jacket or sweater
•        2 pair river sandals or tennis shoes
•        Sleeping bag
•        Flashlight
•        A personal water bottle or canteen


•        Camera 
•        Binoculars
•        Spare glasses or contacts
•        Fishing license
•        Hiking boots
•        Alcoholic beverages
•        Mixers


•        Neoprene, wool, or poly-pro socks
•        Stocking cap
•        Mid-weight fleece jacket
•        Wool or fleece shirt
•        Gloves
•        1 additional set of poly-pro or capilene underwear (tops & bottoms)
•        Heavier-weight sleeping bag

TEMPERATURES: Summer; expect warm nights and hot days. A light sleeping bag is adequate. Sun protection is essential, i.e. sunscreen, sun block, hat and long sleeve shirt.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Large 6 man tents – (9’ x 11’, 7’ tall at the ridge) are provided for each 2 guests. Sleeping pads and cots are also provided.

PACKING: All your gear will be packed into two river dry bags. The larger bag will go ahead of you to camp with items not needed during the day; i.e. your sleeping bag & pillow, clothing and toiletries. Lightweight duffels work well for packing gear in these bags, approximately 12” x 13” x 24” in size. Suitcases and backpacks don't work because they are very difficult to pack. Ziplock and small garbage bags are great for separating and providing extra dryness protection.

A smaller bag (approximately 7” x 13”), think of it as your ‘river purse’, is provided to carry those items that you'll need during the day such as raingear, camera, medications, sun block, lip balm, etc.

RAINGEAR: Bring a two piece rain suit with a hood or separate rain hat. The suit should be large enough to allow easy movement and be decent quality. Rain ponchos do not provide adequate protection.

BEVERAGES: We supply soft drinks such as Coke, Seven-Up, etc, but no mixers such as Tonic or Club Soda. Ice and ice chests are supplied to carry any other beverages you want to bring. Please do not bring beer in glass bottles. Wine in glass bottles is O.K.