35 Years Hells Canyon


The experience of a river trip means many things to different people. Though sometimes hard to put into words, here are a few you might enjoy..


Hells Canyon:

To The Worlds Best Crew!!

We just wanted to say "Thank You" for such a fabulous trip and for ALL your hard work. We have memories to last a lifetime anf you will all be part of them. We also want to thank you for all of the kindness and patience you showed to Sullivan - you made him feel like the coolest kid ever! We cannot tell you enough how much we enjoyed getting to know you, and how much we look forward to our next trip with you. CHEERS!

                                                                                                                                John, Dena and Sullivan, St. Paul, Oregon

George and Lynette: In the history of our fun family vacations (25 years), the trips we remember and discuss most fondly are the three trips we took with Canyon Outfitters on the Snake River.  Each adventure was different and so much fun.  We fished, swam, ate great food, hiked, kayaked, ate more great food, screamed through rapids, floated through calmer water, and ate more great food.  There were no electronic distractions.  The guides were awesome. My kids loved these trips, and now, as adults, are asking when we can go again.  We are planning it, knowing it will be fun at the best level. Thank you!

Jennifer Boaz, Gresham, Oregon

George: Gad, what a great trip you run, George. More than hard work and expertise, it's obviously a labor of love by you, Kevin, Art and Derrick. Thanks for making our trip one of the best I've ever experienced. PS: I would sure like to have the recipe for that dessert with the almonds and whipped cream.

Pete Carlson, Madras, Oregon

Dearest George and Lynette, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I couldn’t have imagined a better Hells Canyon trip. Nothing will ever top it. There are no words to express the warmth and personal touches that you both put into the trip that made it all the more special for me. I can’t wait for my next trip with you.

Laura Boylan, Walla Walla, Washington

George and Lynette, We can’t thank you enough! We had such a wonderful time. And what an adventure!! The river guides/chefs were great and the food was to die for! We will always cherish the memories ….The rafting, the fishing, the laughter, the stories, the scenery but most of all the friendship. Thank you all,

Kevin and Anita Lynch, Keizer, Oregon

Dear George and Lynette, WOW! We want you to know Canyon Outfitters absolutely exceeded all our hopes and expectations. With a trip down Hells Canyon we wanted to expose the kids to completely new experiences and it was perfect. Thanks for an unforgettable adventure. Totally Awesome!

Jan and Linda Wepster, Sheridan, Oregon

Dear George and Lynette, Thanks once again for your hospitality and an absolutely fabulous time on the river and in your lovely home.  We have never eaten eaten so well or been taken care of so well on a river trip. George we especially enjoyed all your stories of the history and people of the Canyon. We look forward to another trip in the future.

Alan and Vickie Guess, Veneta, Oregon

George and Lynette, Thanks for helping make our family memories a HUGE success. The five grandchildren had so many wonderful first-time experiences they will never forget. Your home-made touches with the food was at the top of the list for everyone of us!  It was so great to be with the two of you again. Words can’t express our appreciation enough for the extra mile that both of you put into your trips. Many Thanks……

Gary and Sally Williams, McMinnville, Oregon

Dear George, Lynette, Art, Derek, Kevin and Eric, There are no words to express our gratitude for the once in a life time trip on the Snake! Great food, great guides, perfect weather, my idea of heaven…hot, dry and beautiful! So much hard work, patience, and good humor! Answering questions you’ve been asked a hundred times! Thank you all for your kindness to us. We felt pampered beyond measure. As for the sturgeon Ron caught; There are no words!

Ron and Jeannie VanIderstine, Springfield, Oregon

George and Lynette.. my 4 day river trip with you proved to be one of my wisest choices ever.  I felt like I was on a two week vacation!  Time S L O W E D  down. Days filled... with sun, swim, fish... time to read, time to share fabulous food and drink, to laugh lots...and learn lots too, through George's impeccable narrative of the the natural and cultural history.  And you and your crew took such great care of us... I have never felt so pampered.  This was truly an unparalleled trip.  Thank you.

Dr Bobbie Mower

"Having had George and his able staff to handle all the details of multiple trips on the Snake over the past 15 years, I can vouch for their professionalism, capability and friendliness.  Whether on a float trip with my extended family and friends, or chukkar hunting with pals, I have always been more than satisfied."

Carl Farrington, Portland Oregon

My name is Shawn and I am sixteen years old. I have been on three of the Hells Canyon rafting trips with Canyon Outfitters including the most recent trip in the summer of 2009. I was on my first trip when I was twelve years old. I remember thinking that the trip was so cool. It was better than Disney Land!!!

The guides on the trip are some of the nicest people anyone could meet. They always have an interesting story about something that went on in the canyon. They never complain about how many times some one on the trip will lose one of their special fishing lures, even though this person promised they wouldn't lose any. They also play the role of the hero when you're afraid to touch the fish to get it off the hook. In all though by the end of the trip they seem like a member of the family.

Now to discuss the best part of the trip, the food. After a trip with George and the crew you will never think of a meal the same way again. Everything you eat after the trip will just be a disappointment because it will be nowhere near as tasty. Also the food is so well presented, and fancy looking that I can honestly say we had about twenty pictures of what the pineapple that Derek cut up for breakfast looked like. Now about Georges fried chicken, all I can say is the colonel has nothing on him. I can't forget Lynette's awesome cake and brownies either. You have not lived until you have eaten her carrot cake. It is amazing!

In all the rafting trips with Canyon Outfitters are still my all time favorite vacations to go on. There is just nothing like watching the sun rise and then later set over the canyon wall. It's the only trip I've ever been on that you can watch your grandpa haul a ten foot sturgeon out of the water,or have a deer sneak up on you while using the outdoor facilities. Some of the sights you see are indescribable except for one phrase, it's just like you're standing in the middle of a post card. From the guides to the food and just the experience. This trip is phenomenal and fun for the whole family. If I were offered any other vacation or this one, I would choose this one in a heart beat without even giving it a second thought.

Shawn Whitten, Eugene, Oregon

Massages & Martinis:

Never in my life have I had such fun with a group of women!  George, Lynette, the guides (one from each generation, mind you - 20's through 60's, including a bartender with a bow tie and not much else ooh la la! - now, that's attention to detail!), and the masseuses, filled the four days on the river with such great food and drink, decadent massages, hiking (with great commentary), hysterical jokes and dinner table conversation, memorable comaraderie, stargazing, and fishing, that it went by way too fast.

By the end of the first evening, I had 16 new best friends and by the end of the trip, I didn't want to acknowledge the "real world" existed.  Every one of us unwound, relaxed, and soaked up sun and beauty with the incomparable hospitality of George and Nette.  I challenge anyone to stay in the "work mode" for longer than about 15 minutes with them, it can't be done!

Since it was my first rafting trip, I was a little nervous starting out in the boats.  It took about 30 minutes for me to move to the front of the raft and beg for the very skilled guides to hit a rapid hard enough to splash - these guys really know the river and their way around it.  My nervousness disappeared in short order and I couldn't get enough after that!

By the time I got home, my husband was so impressed with my change in attitude and general feeling of well-being that he volunteered to organize and sign us up for next year immediately!

I can't say enough about how great our trip was with Canyon Outfitters - I plan on making it the first of many trips down Hell's Canyon.  George and Nette have made me a believer!  Cheers!

Sally Beitia, American Falls, ID

All of life’s stresses melted away as soon as I got on that raft.  To know that experts are in charge and I could just sit back and enjoy gave me such peace of mind.  I can’t think of a better mix of fun and relaxation than the white water rapids, fishing, swimming, hiking, yoga, massages, good food and good friends.  I never wanted it to end.  Thank you George, Lynette, Guides and Masseuses.  You are a class act!

Victoria Marshall Brocato