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The Snake River is well known for it’s beauty, history, geology, and fishing. Join us for a white water rafting adventure down Hells Canyon where we will raft, camp, enjoy stories from the past, explore canyon caves and more. Snake River rafting trips include side hikes, swimming, fishing, but also the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sun setting and rising each day, making it an amazing vacation.

Canyon Outfitters Merges into the Tributary Whitewater Brand – In late 2022 Tributary Whitewater acquired Canyon Outfitters out of Halfway, OR. Although the name has changed we look forward to continuing the trips, the experience and the legacy that Canyon Outfitters started on the Snake over 40 years ago

Jeremiah Cooper (Tributary Whitewater) and George Hauptman (Canyon Outfitters Founder)

Martinis & Massages / Women’s Wellness Retreat Rafting Trips  – Originally brought to you by Canyon Outfitters

This multi-day rest and relaxation vacation was introduced to the Snake River from Canyon Outfitters, and we have every intention of keeping this dream alive. The 4 day rafting, relaxing, yoga, hiking and yes drinking adventure, is a great way to get away from it all with a unique twist.

Fishing and Chukar Hunting Rafting Trips – Originally brought to you by Canyon Outfitters

Fishing activities are abundant on all Hells Canyon “Fishing” and “Chukar Hunting” trips. The fishing in the Snake River is an anglers delight. There are several seasonal runs including Trout, bass and Steelhead. We keep the fish that guests would like to eat while on the river trip, and release the rest. Sturgeon are also inhabiting these waters and usually range from 6-8 feet long, these are catch and release fish.

The fall brings cooler temperatures and the opportunity for Chukar Hunting to Hells Canyon – these trips are offered from mid-September into November. Hunters are dropped off on shore to walk the trails while our boats follow on river.

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We launch trips on many different rivers in California, Oregon and Idaho. For questions give our main office a call – we would love to talk with you about our trips and rivers.

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Our vision is to create a sustainable and equitable reality where our rivers are enjoyed and protected, a place where families and friends can be inspired and challenged.

Tributary Whitewater Tours has been running rivers since we were first founded in 1978. Since we opened 40+ years ago we have expanded to include Adventure Connection, Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, High Desert River Outfitters, Canyon Outfitters and are the parent company of Raft California and Raft Oregon. While some things have changed over the years, Tributary remains a family-run small business with the same passion for the river and the mission of leading others to experience it.

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